Are you ready to rate our new beer samples?

The U.R.B. Returns to the Grove

Big news! The U.R.B.* is back in the Grove Game Room!

The U.R.B. hours are Thursdays-Saturdays from 5pm-9pm in the Grove Game Room. Our grand re-opening took place on Thursday, February 8th! During U.R.B. hours, guests can come to the U.R.B. bar to try 3 samples and fill out the feedback survey. New survey beers will be released monthly. In addition, we will offer two rotating draft cocktails at the U.R.B. bar.

The debut samples include a Berliner Weisse survey. We can't wait to see you there and to read/hear your feedback!

Learn more about the U.R.B. here.

*If you aren't familiar, the Urban Research Brewery, or the "U.R.B." is a concept where guests can sample our products and fill out an online survey on their phones to provide us feedback to help us develop new products and/or tweak our current offerings.